Complaints Handling Procedure

Meeting clients’ expectations and solving problems are among the main responsibilities of our business as Insurance Broker. We welcome your thoughts and complaints which will be addressed to the concerned department as per the below procedure.

Lloyd & Co. (Emirates) Insurance Broker Complaints Procedure & Flow Chart


Complaint received by:
Phone: +971 2 633 7714
Website: Please click here to start your complaint


Complaint officer will log the complaint in the complaint logging sheet and complaint log tracker and the logging complaint Form will be handled to the concerned department


Investigations will be carried out internally and externally to determine the reasons and possible solutions. Within 24 hours, Client will be advised about the outcome of the investigation and provided solutions


Client was satisfied and case is closed by the complaint officer


Client was NOT satisfied and client will be informed that the complaint will be escalated to Chief Operation Officer


COO will investigate the case and reply to the client within 1 – 3 working days (some cases would require more time)


Client was satisfied and case is closed by the complaint officer


Client was NOT satisfied you can forward your complaint to the respective regulator.

Dubai Health Authority (Dubai medical policies)

Insurance Authority – Complaints section
Insurance Authority

Complaint Form

To voice your opinions, provide any feedback, complaints, suggestions or complements to service providers and regulators in the emirate of Dubai (Dubai medical policies), please press the below link


To submit a dispute to Insurance Authority, please press the below link;

Insurance Authority